About Grant Colyer

Grant Colyer is an international Psychic Medium, Teacher and speaker spanning over 30 years.

He was nicked named Mr Validator when working on Psychic TV for his amazing way to give information direct from spirit and his guide Michael.

Grant started working with Spirit at the tender age of 6 and built up a great connection with them in a short space of time.

At the age of 16, he was working the platform around South East London, bringing through people’s loved ones, and making a great ambassador of the work.

Over the years his gift really shone through when he was given a great platform to work for Psychic TV where he could showcase his divine gift to the masses on screen, this in time opened other doors working alongside the BBC 2 culture show and ITV`s X factor. He has been fortunate to read for many Celebrities also including One direction, & Ant and Dec, to name a few.

Grant continues to work up and down the country doing shows and also doing his private readings, in the process of all that, Grant helps out from time to time teaching at the London College of psychic studies.

Grant likes to call himself the Universal Medium, as he believes when we pass we go back to the Universe and we are connected with our consciousness as we live our daily life and that there is a great connection to the Universe.